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Magazine: Journal of Architecture and Building Science (JABS)

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Be Distant

yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE is based in Hong Kong, however, 70% of the projects are running in Japan and others in Europe, Asia and South America. People question why I'm based in Hong Kong and to be honest, I’m actually not too fond to work in Hong Kong but the fact of being distant from the physical location of the project is what I think is important. I guess this work style is only possible when working as a structural engineer. Being able to work from distance, all of the factors such as culture, language, national standard, economic state, constructing technology would have less influence on the design and I believe this approach will create something deviant.

Having to work outside Japan, I get to work more with foreign architects. Not only am I able to work on projects in Japan from distance but because I am not based in let's say Japan, I can be part of all ranges of projects in both Japan and other foreign countries. Every project is unique and by having this approach, I got to realize distinctive characters that projects have even within Japan. In conclusion, I believe creative ideas come from being physically distant from projects and that is how I am working as a structural engineer/designer.


Clear Approach is Needed

When it comes to designing, being committed to the project plays the most important role for the client, the contractor, the team and lastly myself.  The more attention devoted to a design, the more potential there is for it to improve and satisfy everyone. That is why I think it is important for the structural engineers to collaborate with the architects and question designs from a different angle. By question here I mean to analyze the design and give an opinion about it by referencing specialist knowledge. The discussion with the architects would break down the approach in details and allow us to organize the project design. The discussion may completely change the design or may stay as original, however, this process is important to deconstruct to make a solid creative design. For instance, this would accelerate the designing process of the structural members and other details.

Danger of Norm

With the rapidly evolving modern world, trends and styles are what people are mostly curious about and that's what they would like to categorize into, however, I try to challenge this. My approach is simple yet important to always question the standard and not to just aim for the ‘right’ solution. Nothing can be fascinating yet boring as a renowned ‘right’ solution. Innovation/creation I believe is more complex, avand-garde and eccentric that would attract people without a fame. But at the same time, I try not to accept all of the creative ideas which sometimes can be structurally pointless. The real value of the design I believe is subtle and complex since the world itself is simply complex.

The Way I Work

What is obvious is that structural engineers unconsciously are able to give comments from different perspective since they work with different architects at the same time. It is also true that architects are relying on critical comments from the structural engineers to improve their designs.


From my experience, the most effective way to be objective is to be distant from the physical location. My enthusiasm in looking at detailed structure as a structural engineer is a driving factor as well.

There are structures to every single object and to understand a detailed structure of a certain object, it needs to be observed thoroughly from both inside and outside. Similarly, that is why I am physically distant from the projects to approach ideas and that is how I work as a structural engineer.

Yasuhiro Kaneda / YKS Director


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